Phase 5-Reflection

Starting from phase 1 I was excited about the idea of just playing the games, such as spent and the Syrian Refugees. I felt sympathetic in both of them. I kept on thinking how to make a game which makes people feel sympathy with the game and feel that they are inside the game. I kept on thinking and relating many things with “bullying”, especially in the school phase. Most of the scenarios in the game are based on personal experiences. They showed the voice of many young students who can’t say how they feel. During the second phase, we were able to have different situations in which based on them we made the game. Being the Bully or the one who gets bullied has different scenarios, which shows that at the end, there must be a right track to move to. Our goal was to end the idea of bullying as it always takes the person to a wrong direction which may end many things in his life, if its not committing suicide. 

During phase three, we had to create a video, so we can explain the whole process and our plan in this stage. We did both a video and we wrote them down. However, we felt that we don’t know how to think about each scenario and it was hard for us to think about scenarios because they should be related to each other, and each scenario  leads to the other. This was our main challenge, also, we changed many scenarios after we were done with phase 3 because we knew that they were not well created. Understanding the points that we need to improve is really important because at the end we need to have a perfect game.

Phase 4 was the original game, but before feedback. It was the first draft, in which our colleagues tried our game and gave us feedback. I figured out that I have many problems in the game, such as not linking the slides in forms with each other and not putting pictures. These were the main comments I took from my colleagues which I tried to fix in the final phase. 

If I had more time I could create a game full of graphics as the games I played before, I really liked the ones which had graphics. Finally, I really liked the experience as I didn’t think of creating a game before, so it gave me a new experience in an exciting activity. 

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